Soccer Speed Is King

Last week I took a dive into the recent (well relatively recent) research surrounding speed development in football (soccer) because like most sports, in soccer speed is king! When I work with professional football players we focus on the fundamentals of running fast (get good at going from A to B in a straight line and underpin everything with a … Read More

Nick GranthamSoccer Speed Is King

Cabinet of Curiosities

I’ve not done one of these for a few weeks. Time to have a look in the cabinet of curiosities to see what has been going on. New book – High Performance Habits by Brendan Burchard. I have John Noonan to thank for the recommendation. I’m currently dipping in between the book and audio book and I’m enjoying what I’m … Read More

Nick GranthamCabinet of Curiosities

1-Day Injury Rehabilitation Course

I’ve been delivering my 1-day injury rehabilitation course for over a decade (I think I was probably one of the first strength and conditioning coaches in the UK to start talking to physiotherapists about this stuff!), covering simple evidence based principles that allow physiotherapists and allied health professionals to produce effective rehabilitation programmes that meet their client’s needs. I’ve just … Read More

Nick Grantham1-Day Injury Rehabilitation Course

Weight Room Wisdom

As Strength and Conditioning Coaches we all know that writing the workout is the easy part. Getting athletes engage with the workout, the culture, and to you as a coach is what’s hard. Following on from the Podcast I recorded back in 2016, Ron McKeefery contacted me to see if I would be part of a project he was pulling … Read More

Nick GranthamWeight Room Wisdom

Pacey Performance Podcasts

It only took him about 5 years to get round to asking me onto his podcast! If you’ve not come across Rob Pacey’s excellent Pacey Podcast then you really should check them out. Head over to Strength of Science to tap into the many top quality podcasts that Rob has recorded. I was really pleased to be asked to go … Read More

Nick GranthamPacey Performance Podcasts

Downtime Podcast

When I started working with Rachel and Gee Atherton I was immediately contacted by Chris Hall from Downtime Podcast asking me to come on the show and discuss all things downhill mountain biking…which at the time pretty much extended to, point the thing with two wheels down the mountain and try to hold on! We had a pretty sketchy season … Read More

Nick GranthamDowntime Podcast