Exercise and Sports Science Australia Webinar

Next week I’ll be delivering a webinar for Exercise & Sport Science Australia. I’ll be discussing career development and the soft skills that I believe sport scientists need to stand out from the crowd and really have an impact on performance. The webinar is for anyone who is serious about pursuing a career as a sport scientist. You may just … Read More

Nick GranthamExercise and Sports Science Australia Webinar

BASES Career Guide

The British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences (BASES) updated their career guide at the back end of 2018. The updated Career Guide: ‘A Guide to Careers in Sport and Exercise Science’ has been developed in partnership with Human Kinetics, includes 52 pages of guidance and information for anyone interested in a career in sport and exercise sciences. All BASES members … Read More

Nick GranthamBASES Career Guide

Football Fitness Federation Podcast

Thanks to Ben over at the Football Fitness Federation for inviting me onto his podcast recently. Tune into Episode 38 of the Football Fitness Federation podcast and you’ll hear me talk about my experiences working in football as a physical preparation coach. My biggest lessons from working in football. How to show players the importance of building the fundamentals. My … Read More

Nick GranthamFootball Fitness Federation Podcast

Insights From The Red Bull Coaches Forum

Last week I was invited to take part in a panel discussion at the Red Bull Coaches Forum. I was in good company, sat next to Darren Burgess and Scott Drawer. Our panel was discussing “The View From The Outside” and the questions centred around what mainstream sports could learn from action sports. I made some notes on my way … Read More

Nick GranthamInsights From The Red Bull Coaches Forum

What do physio’s want to know?

I’ve been delivering courses to physio’s and allied health professionals for over a decade. At the start of each course I always ask what that want to take away from the day and this weekend I captured those learning outcomes on sticky notes and then recreated them on this graphic. This is pretty representative of the learning outcomes that delegates … Read More

Nick GranthamWhat do physio’s want to know?

Mum, can I have an ice cream?

Mum, can I have an ice cream? It’s that time of year (although round my neck of the woods, he’s always paying a visit up and down our street) when the ice cream man cranks up the tunes and pays a visit to the street with all sorts of tempting treats on offer. It’s also been the off-season for many … Read More

Nick GranthamMum, can I have an ice cream?