Physical Preparation

Here is the third infographic in the series based on my presentation at the TASS National Conference in Birmingham last year. Creating a healthy performance team The athlete is front and centre…not the support staff! Creating Change Optimising physical preparation The third infographic that looks at physical preparation. If you believe everything you see on social media then you’ll quickly … Read More

Nick GranthamPhysical Preparation

CHAOS In Injury Rehabiltation

For a long time I was a firm believer of quality before quantity, so much so that I probably spent way too much time chasing ‘perfect’ movements. The problem with chasing the mythical perfect movement is that you get so caught up in making everything look great, that you often fail to improve any of the physical qualities that you’re … Read More

Nick GranthamCHAOS In Injury Rehabiltation

I Bloody Love 3 Sets of 10!

Physiotherapists and allied health professionals attending my courses still want to know more about exercise prescription and effective programme design (looks as though it’s still not a regular part of formal education pathways). 3 sets of 10 still seems to be the protocol of choice! Tailoring exercise parameters to meet specific goals. Anonymous “Application of strength and conditioning principles to … Read More

Nick GranthamI Bloody Love 3 Sets of 10!

Sport is about athletes – it’s not about you!

Following on from my presentation at the  TASS National Conference in Birmingham last year and my earlier blog post, here’s the next infographic from the clever people at TASS. This one is a timely reminder that there’s a reason why we are called ‘support’ or ‘back-room’ staff! Creating a healthy performance team The athlete is front and centre…not the support … Read More

Nick GranthamSport is about athletes – it’s not about you!

Rehabilitate With A Purpose

Vern Gambetta says “Train With A Purpose” and when I work with physiotherapists and allied health professional during my 2-Day courses, I switch the word train, to rehabilitate. You see, whilst it seems like an obvious statement there are many that don’t really drill down into the purpose of the rehabilitation programme. They get stuck a managing the pathology without … Read More

Nick GranthamRehabilitate With A Purpose

The Art of Coaching Podcast

I first met Brett Bartholomew back in November 2016 at the Australian Strength and Conditioning Association National Conference out in Melbourne. I’d already heard a fair bit about Brett but we hadn’t met so I was looking forward to catching up with him and hearing him speak. I wasn’t disappointed, his presentation was fantastic, but more importantly he was a … Read More

Nick GranthamThe Art of Coaching Podcast

Creating a healthy performance team

In May 2019 I was asked to speak at the TASS National Conference in Birmingham. The conference focused on developing a holistic approach to supporting dual career athletes (athletes balancing high performance sports careers alongside academic studies). My presentation (PHYSICAL PREPARATION OF ATHLETES WHILE WORKING IN DUAL CAREER ENVIRONMENT) drew upon my experience working with a wide range of athletes … Read More

Nick GranthamCreating a healthy performance team