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I’ve had a bit of a whirlwind tour of the UK this year delivering evening workshops on physical preparation for youth athletes. One common comment on the feedback forms is that the delegates would love to spend more time learning about the subject and getting stuck in with practicals.

Unfortunately 2.5 hours is tight and there’s only so much you can squeeze in!

The good new is that Ian Jeffreys will be spending a whole day looking at how he builds future champions.


If you’ve attended one of my workshops and you are looking for a chance to learn from one of UK’s leaders in this area get yourself along to the workshop.

Ian’s Future Champions programme is a tried and tested method of developing athletes which has developed numerous national and international performers in a range of sports.

Integrating science with effective practice, it provides coaches with a flexible development pathway that can be applied across a wide range of sports and in multiple settings. The workshop blends the theoretical basis of athlete development with practical application.

If you attend this workshop you’ll walk away with a framework around which to structure an athlete development programme that can be applied in all training situations, and across a range of starting ages.

Practical activities will then be presented that can be applied across the spectrum of the development programme, and which address all elements of physical performance.

Ian will work through 6 sessions.

Session 1: The need for long-term athlete development

This section will introduce the concept of long term athlete development and the advantages this approach brings to the development of the youth athlete. It will outline the fundamental principles that underpin LTA along with some of the challenges of traditional models

Session 2: The Future Champions system – a flexible objectives based approach to developing the modern athlete

This section will build on the challenges with the traditional approach to LTAD and introduce the Future Champions system. The system itself triangulates on sports performance from a kinetic, kinematic and metabolic standpoint, and utilises sequenced progressions within each of these aspects to progress from baseline capacities through to specific performance parameters. The system itself comprises a four phase, objectives based approach to LTAD. Its advantages lie in its flexibility, allowing it to be introduced at a range of ages, allowing it to be utilised in a wide range of training scenarios. Additionally, its objective based approach allows for key milestones to be achieved that direct the path to optimal performance and also ensure a competency based approach to development.

Session 3: Developing effective Future Champions Sessions

This section is short introduction to the practical activities, outlining the foundational principles of effective session design within the Future Champions system. Here, a range of delivery methods will be discussed allowing a flexible approach to the delivery of the system.

Session 4: Developing effective gameforce

Force capacity underpins performance but this must be built on a basis of effective movement. This practical session will look at the key movement patterns that underpin sports performance and introduce effective methods by which these can be introduced and progressed.

Session 5: Developing effective gamespeed

The ability to move effectively in the context of the game is critical to maximal performance. This practical session will look at the key locomotor movement patterns that underpin sports performance and introduce effective methods by which these can be introduced and progressed.

Session 6: Developing effective game-metabolism

Most sports require repeated performances, and so depend upon a certain level of metabolic development. This practical session will look at the key metabolic capacities that underpin sports performance and introduce effective methods by which these can be introduced and progressed.


About Ian Jeffreys

Ian Jeffreys is an internationally renowned coach, educator and author and is regarded as a world authority in the development of speed & agility and conditioning for team sports, and long term athlete development. He is a reader in strength and conditioning at the University of South Wales, where he co-ordinates all of the University’s strength and conditioning activities, as well as managing the strength and conditioning programmes for Cardiff City Football Club’s Academy programme . He is also the Proprietor and Performance Director of All-Pro Performance based in Brecon Wales, where he works with a number of high performance athletes and clubs around the world.


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