Creating An Athletic Legacy – Malvern College

In 2015 I had a whirlwind tour of the UK delivering evening workshops exploring topics relating to the physical preparation of youth athletes. The evening workshops developing into a 1-Day workshop and I delivered several sessions in 2016.

At the end of 2018 I was invited to Dublin to dust off the original workshop and deliver it to a group of strength and conditioning coaches, sports coaches and parents at the Sports Surgery Clinic

The world of social media did it’s thing and I’ve since been asked to deliver a number of workshops in 2019, the first of which is taking place in just over a week on Friday 1st February at Malvern College

The fully revised workshop will follow a similar format to the original but will draw upon developments that have taken place during the past 4-years and I’ll also take a look at where I think we may being seeing a slight ‘over-reaction’ to the whole ‘learn through play’ movement that, if you’re to believe everything you see in social media means that all we have to do is revert back to the 1980’s PE lessons and play ‘pirates’ with our aspiring athletes in order to create future champions…if only it was that simple!

There are still a couple of spaces left for the workshop and if you would like more information or want to grab one of the last remaining spaces, follow this link…


Nick GranthamCreating An Athletic Legacy – Malvern College

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