Exercise and Sports Science Australia Webinar

Next week I’ll be delivering a webinar for Exercise & Sport Science Australia.

I’ll be discussing career development and the soft skills that I believe sport scientists need to stand out from the crowd and really have an impact on performance.

The webinar is for anyone who is serious about pursuing a career as a sport scientist. You may just be starting out on your degree. You may be coming up to graduation. You may be stuck in a role, desperate to work in another area. If you want to establish yourself as a successful sport scientist and realise your career ambitions then you need to sign up to this webinar.

Discover why degree based book smarts alone just doesn’t cut it in the real world.

Learn what practical skills make a great sports scientist and the qualities needed to become a ‘linchpin’ in any organisation.

Find out how to get your foot in the door and make sure it doesn’t get slammed back in your face.

Walk away with practical tools and resources that will actually help you develop your own personal development plan to achieve your career ambitions.

Nick GranthamExercise and Sports Science Australia Webinar

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