Fast and Furious – Mike Young Workshop

Mike Young is heading over to the UK in May to deliver a 2-day workshop – An Integrated Approach To Speed and Power Development. If you’ve not heard of Mike – well – you must have been living under a rock!


Mike popped up onto my radar a couple of years ago and his presentations on Slide Share have attracted thousands (yes THOUSANDS) of viewers and avid followers. His ability to make the complex seem simple is fantastic and whilst you can gain a lot just by looking at his presentations, there’s no substitute for spending 2-days with the man himself, to really understand how to develop speed and power with your athletes.

I think James Baker from Proformance Strength and Conditioning has come up with some fantastic packages (the cheapest one starting at just £225 for the full weekend) – if you think that’s expensive then figure out how much it would cost you to fly to Vancouver to see Mike at his facility and then pay for a private audience!!!

I have a feeling that spaces for this 2-day workshop will be snapped up and I’ve already heard from a dozen of my colleagues who have already committed part of their CPD to this event.


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Nick GranthamFast and Furious – Mike Young Workshop

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