Long term athletic development (LTAD)

Long term athletic development (LTAD)

I’m heading up to Scotland in October to deliver an evening workshop exploring physical preparation for young athletes at Napier Univeristy. I delivered a bunch of these workshops at the start of the year and I’m really looking forward to taking the session north of the border for the first time.

I’ve been looking at some of the latest research to add to the existing content and I thought it would be good to share a great 2-part paper that I recently read. Anyone working with young athletes should be interested in long term athletic development (LTAD) and should take the time to read this 2-part paper.

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If you live in the Edinburgh area and would like to attend the evening workshop on Thursday 22nd October you can grab one of the remaining spots by clicking on this link.

>>Creating An Athletic Legacy Workshop<<

The event is being hosted by Edinburgh Napier University on the Sighthill Campus and will run from 18:00-20:30

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Nick GranthamLong term athletic development (LTAD)

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