Pacey Podcast – Webinar Series #2

I’m pretty selective about the people I promote so when I tell you to check out Rob Pacey you should take note.


Rob has quickly established the Pacey Performance Podcast as one of the ‘go to’ resources out there on the world wide web. He’s had some fantastic people on the podcast (and me!) – the back catalogue is crazy (he’s got almost 60 episodes in the can)…and all of that content is FREE.

Anyway, he recently set up a webinar series and kicked the series off with none other than Dan Baker and it went down a storm!

Rob has the next webinar ready to go at 10:00 (GMT) on November 29th and this time it features Ian McKeown. I first met Ian back in 2010 and he is currently Head of Athletic Development at Port Adelaide in the AFL as well as being an expert in movement ability and assessment.

Ian completed his PhD at the University of Canberra in 2013 focusing on power development and movement ability in junior athletes and has gone on to publish numerous time in the area. Ian is fast becoming one of the go-to guys when it comes to athletic development of both junior and senior athletes.

Ian’s going to delve into the intricacies of coaching in one of the most competitive and athletically demanding sports in the world. He’s going to describe the key elements of his programme, provide insight into his experiences, and deliver on how you can apply the athletic development concept to your physical performance program.

Here’s the thing that’s nuts….Rob could easily charge £50, £75 or £100 for this sort of thing, but he doesn’t…instead he’s charging just £14.99 ($23 USD/$32 AUS) – I know – he’s nuts!

So if you fancy sitting in your pants eating cornflakes at 10:00 (GMT) on Sunday 29th November whilst listening to Ian McKeown – get yourslef booked on to the webinar. I’ll be online listening (not in my pants – I’ll get dressed!)


Nick GranthamPacey Podcast – Webinar Series #2

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