The Beautiful Aim

Can a 23 year old fanatic with average footballing skill, with the guidance of a team of experts, make Premiership football in just one year?

The Beautiful Aim will document the unique and incredible journey of this ambitious young man making his impossible dream come true.

I’m going to be working with Arton Baleci over the coming year, helping him to physically prepare for the challenge. It is going to be an very interesting journey.

If you want to experience Arton Baleci’s journey as it unfolds check out his site The Beautiful Aim. There will be regular mini-documentaries, video diaries and blogs where you can see, hear and read about his radical transformation from recreational footballler to elite athlete as it happens.

Narrated by diane sawyer, the 20/20 episode emphasizes poverty, alcoholism, and family dysfunction on the reservation
Nick GranthamThe Beautiful Aim

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  1. Alan Whitton

    So did this project die on its knees then?
    It'd be a shame if it did. 

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