The Demands Will All Be Changed So F**king Stay Awake!

I’m delivering a session this morning to my interns at Northumbria Uni and we are going to be exploring the ‘art’ of coaching and what special characteristics you need to be able to cut it out there working with athletes and teams.

The biggest thing that I found when I left Uni (way back in the day) was that the text books didn’t tell me how to cope with the ever changing demands placed upon me by the coach, athlete, governing body, institute etc. Everyone wants you to do the best for them and at times it can be tricky. You become overwhelmed by the constantly changing landscape!

A good coach needs to be adaptable and able to roll with the punches, adjusting to the situation that you are faced with and making the best decision given the current circumstances. Remember, chances are that what you are asked to do today will change tomorrow!

This clip will bring a smile to your face and you should keep it on standby for those days when everything you had planned for has just been turned upside down by the coach.

Listen to this clip of Billy Connolly – believe me when I say that I’ve had meetings like this! (if you are easily offended you may just want to read the trascript!)

‘We want this! And that! We demand a share in that, and most of that, some of this, and f**king all of that! Less of that, and more of this, and f**king plenty of this! And another thing, we want it now! I want it yesterday, I want f**king more tomorrow, and the demands will all be changed then so f**king stay awake!’

Nick GranthamThe Demands Will All Be Changed So F**king Stay Awake!

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  1. Jack

    Coach Grantham,

    I didn’t want to clog up your e-mail by asking this question, but I recall seeing it mentioned that Manchester United supposedly uses a product called the Bodymetrix BX 2000 (from the company Intelametrix) for body composition testing. This apparently uses ultrasound as the means of testing.

    I was curious if you have any knowledge of the validity of this method and if it is a worthwhile tool for strength coaches who regularly do body composition testing on athletes. If accurate, it seems like an added selling point (people tend to appreciate what seems technologically advanced).

  2. Nick Grantham

    Hi Jack,

    I’m not overly familiar with the product but have heard about the application of this technology for body composition. A couple of observations:

    1. Whilst a pro team may be linked with a product they may not actually use it or if they are using it they may only be trialing it! A lot of people fall into the trap of assuming that if a top flight pro team is using a certain product then it must be good.
    2. I’ve looked at and used many different types of equipment for monitoring body composition and I always come back to my trusty Harpenden Calipers. A lot of the technology is only as reliable as the algorithms programmed into the equipment and the equations used to then calculate body composition (and I have shown using data from elite gymnasts that the percentage body fat can change markedly depending on which equation you use to analyse the actual skinfold measurements).
    3. I know of one clients body composition that was monitored using a bod-pod and his body composition changed significantly over 3 days…and the explanation…I kid you not…the first time he had a goatie beard….then next time he had shaved it off!
    4. From a sales perspective the uniformed client will love anything with bells, whistle and lights – they trust technology. I would suggest that rather than relying on technology as the unique selling point to your clients, promote the years of experience you have using skinfold calipers.

    It is always a good idea to look at new technology and I would be interested in seeing some good independent research to back up any claims from the manufacturers. Until then I’ll continue to draw on a decade of experience with my Harpenden’s!

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