The Female Body Breakthrough!

WOW, we got a huge amount of interest from Rachel’s guest post yesterday. I jumped on Skype and managed to grab 10 minutes with Rachel and asked her to explain in more detail exactly how she came about to write The Female Body Breakthrough.

Buy The Female Body Breakthrough by going to on November 12th and collect your FREE GIFTS! You will get a poster with The Fit Female Credo mailed to you along with Video Coaching with Rachel Cosgrove to get you started on your journey and after buying the book on the 12th Rachel will share her #1 Secret to get you started along with 5 Fitness, Nutrition and Mindset related E-books to give you even more support on your journey.
IMPORTANT- The FREE GIFTS are only available if you buy the book from Amazon on November 12th.


Then after school, teens get on the bus or go to other extracurricular activities
Nick GranthamThe Female Body Breakthrough!

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