The Physical Preparation Podcast

A couple of weeks ago I joined Mike Robertston to share how I found my way to the world of physical preparation and the lessons I’ve learned over the years. We talk about the importance of being brilliant at the basics of fitness and human movement and I explain why coaches need to avoid short-term gratification. Here’s a short clip!

If you liked the short clip then you’ll enjoy the rest of the conversation where I also explain the role and importance of communication and soft skills in coaching and explain how I engage with athletes of different backgrounds. Mike even managed to find a decent qoute from our conversation!

A good coach can work across different sports like a chameleon and blend in their surroundings, switching up their coaching style and the language they use. – Nick Grantham

Check out The Physical Preparation Podcast:

  • Why being brilliant at the basics of fitness is essential and why I maintains a training curriculum
  • The importance of recovery and regeneration when training athletes and clients
  • The benefits of sleep and nutrition in fueling and recovering from working out
  • The lost art of coaching and the need for communication and other soft skills in the coaching industry
  • How I influence and engage with athletes from different backgrounds and sports
  • My advice on getting started as a young strength & conditioning coach and the necessity of building networks with other coaches

Resources Mentioned:

Nick GranthamThe Physical Preparation Podcast

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