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I first met Andy about 5 years ago when I delivered one of my S&C In Injury Rehab courses for him. He recently contacted me to see if I would speak on his new podcast. It was a pleasure to spend some time chatting to Andy and I’m certainly in good company. Some of his other speakers include, Graeme Close (I’ve worked alongside Graeme at a couple of professional football clubs), Matt Little and Rob Madden to name a few.

We have a good old chat and if you listen to the podcast you’re going to pick up some insight around the following topics: – My motivations and drivers to work in sports performance

– Sweat the basics – resist the temptation to skip the basics and his ‘Marshmallow Test’ concept aligned to the convenience culture we now live in and people’s flawed expectations around rapid results from training

– 5 key areas and training principles that I recommend in athletes I train and for you to follow

– How manipulating both movement quality and chaos within training can develop robust athlete health

– How to optimize your training time – strategies to apply to get most ‘bang for buck’ in the gym and on the field of play and ensuring the is ‘no fluff’ in your training plan

– Consistency is king!! Developing threads and themes to your training plan for optimal results

– Training load progression – How, when and Why and the importance of keeping a training log in performance enhancement and injury risk reduction

– Am I ready to return to training and sport – key principles around ensuring adequate rehabilitation and conditioning has been completed prior to RTP

– How to create ‘buy in’ and keep athletes motivated to adhere to training plans to achieve individually ‘meaningful targets’ and outcome, performance and process goal setting

– How to avoid ‘death by data’ by collecting relevant objective testing data in the right context and using this to influence programme design

– 3 key pillars of the ‘recovery cycle’

Check out the podcast here


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