The whole world is a critic…

These two fellas from the muppets used to crack me up but sadly I think they’ve left the muppet show and started to work in the fitness profession. It must be that time of year when ‘fitness experts’ (by the way – just because you say you’re an expert doesn’t always mean you are) start to throw stones at other fitness coaches working in performance sport.

It’s really simple to stand up and shout ‘your programme sucks – I could do better’ but the reality is most of the critics are speaking from a position of ignorance.

I’m not questioning their academic qualifications or time in the trenches – what I’m questioning is how they know the specifc circumstances behind the training programme that they are quick to judge.

I see things on daily basis that on the surface seem pretty funky – it would be easy to be a ‘hater’ but I keep my mouth shut because I don’t actually know the context behind the programme design decisions that have been made.

Humour me and take a couple of minutes to critique this strength training session.

1A Hang Clean 4 x 3 – 120s recovery

2A Front Squat 5 x 5 – 30s recovery

2B Jump to Box 5 x 3 – 120s recovery

3 RDL 5 x 5 – 120s recovery

4 DB Curl and Press 4 x 8 – 90s recovery

OK – did you enjoy ripping that training session apart? Yeh – it was rubbish wasn’t it!

Too many exercises, not enough rest, why hang cleans etc etc.

The question I’ll throw back is how can anyone rip something apart if they have zero understanding of the context in which that programme has been written.

I’m bored of  seeing my twitter timeline fill up with comments from ‘fitness experts’ sitting on the sidelines throwing stones, pulling apart training programmes with zero understanding of the circumstances that the team or athelte are working under.

How about you show some professional courtesy and pick up the phone and have a conversation with the people you are quick to judge – maybe – just maybe you’ll gain a better understanding of what is actually going on and not be so quick to point the finger. You may still think the programme sucks but at least you’ll be speaking from a position of understanding.

Of course, that won’t happen because the main reason these ‘experts’ are shouting from the rooftops is probably becuase they have something to sell (book, training package etc).

It’s a shame some fitness experts just can’t seem capable of showing some class – it’s a shame really because they may actually have something decent to say.

Nick GranthamThe whole world is a critic…

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