1-Day Injury Rehabilitation Course

I’ve been delivering my 1-day injury rehabilitation course for over a decade (I think I was probably one of the first strength and conditioning coaches in the UK to start talking to physiotherapists about this stuff!), covering simple evidence based principles that allow physiotherapists and allied health professionals to produce effective rehabilitation programmes that meet their client’s needs.

I’ve just been asked to deliver a course in London and tickets have gone on sale today! Here’s what I will be covering:

  • What is Strength and Conditioning? – evidence based strength and conditioning during rehabilitation.
  • Physical Preparation Concepts – cornerstones of physical preparation.
  • The Force Velocity Curve – understand how to ‘work the curve’ to improve rehabilitation outcomes.
  • The Repetition Continuum – learn how to manipulate it to bring about specific adaptations.
  • Sequencing – discover how exercise sequence impacts on rehabilitation goals.
  • Engagement – how to improve adherence to improve rehabilitation outcomes.
  • Training Variables – understand how to manipulate key training variables to achieve successful outcomes.
  • Developing Contextual Strength – force production and force application.

If you would like to attend the course on the 29th June at Nuffield Health, follow the link below and secure your space today (we only have 28 tickets available and they will sell quickly!).


These people have had nice things to say about previous courses!

“Nick delivers a great course, with a fundamental framework for the rehab process that clinicians no doubt will find useful, as well a lots of practical implementation and variations to use in daily practice. Firm in principles but without dogma, this fresh perspective is welcome in physical therapy.”

August Estberger

lic physiotherapist Malmö Idrottsklinik

“Nick is a very engaging approachable presenter who provided us with a thought provoking course that challenged why physiotherapists prescribe the exercises to patients. I came away from the course with some valuable nuggets of information that I can immediately implement with my patients. This course answers the questions as to when to progress or regress exercises and how to build on power and endurance from strengthening while introducing the fun part of exercising to motivate patients. I would recommend this course to all physiotherapists whether treating athletes, weekend warriors or sedentary people.’
Simon Wood
MSc BSc MMACP MAACP Dip injection therapy
Senior Sports Physiotherapist
Oxford University Hospitals

“Nick presented a comprehensive, evidence based, practical course. The emphasis was on integrating strength and conditioning principles into the rehabilitation setting and it was very well received by a mixed group of physios working across diverse populations, from elite sport to care of the elderly. His relaxed delivery and clear passion for teaching was evident and on a personal level I found that the course really helped me to consolidate my clinical reasoning around power and speed development.”
Sharon Morris
BSc Physiotherapy, MSc Applied Biomechanics
Galway City Physiotherapy

Nick Grantham1-Day Injury Rehabilitation Course

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