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The British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences (BASES) updated their career guide at the back end of 2018. The updated Career Guide: ‘A Guide to Careers in Sport and Exercise Science’ has been developed in partnership with Human Kinetics, includes 52 pages of guidance and information for anyone interested in a career in sport and exercise sciences. All BASES members receive full, unrestricted access to the online version on the BASES website.

It’s well worth taking a look at and I’m sure it will serve as a useful and informative resource, whether you are:

  • Considering sport and exercise science as a possible career
  • Interested in studying sport and exercise science at university
  • Currently studying sport and exercise science and thinking about what to do next
  • An early career professional keen to progress your career
  • Involved in providing career support and advice.

What to expect:

  • Resources, information and advice to help you decide what undergraduate or postgraduate course is right for you
  • Views, tips and advice from BASES members: practitioners (like me!), researchers, lecturers, students and other professionals within the industry who have ‘been there and done that’
  • Common career paths for sport and exercise science graduates
  • 16 job profiles – written by professionals working in the sector – to give you an insight into what each role entails and what qualifications, training and experience you will need if you want to prsue that career
  • Advice on how you can be pro-active during your studies to improve your chances of landing that dream job in the future
  • And much more!
Nick GranthamBASES Career Guide

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