Dan Baker – The High Powered Performance Tour

Dan Baker

Dan Baker is heading to the UK in September and will be delivering a 1-Day workshop as part of his world tour (he’s like ACDC!).

The workshop will take place on the 15th September in Sheffield at 10:00 and will be hosted by Sheffield Hallam Uni (which is a fantastic venue and lifting facility).

I would strongly recommend heading to Sheffiled for this one.

In this workshop Dan will share with you his approach to the development of long term training plans for strength & power development.  He will discuss how he progresses athletes through up to six stages of training adaptation, with progressive increases in both the intensity and complexity of training content.

Dan will share examples of strength & power programs he has used with athletes and provide detailed and explainations in that context.

He will also explain the value of measuring velocity to garner acute measures of strength/power and acute or chronic fatigue will be presented and explained. Normative velocity data (ie. what velocities are typical at different %1RM) on key exercises like squat, bench press, deadlift and power clean will be presented and discussed as will velocity scores for jumping and other power exercises.

In addition to the theory you’ll get a chance to put the principles into pratice. The practical session will include demonstrations of the above using the inexpensive Push accelerometer. ¬†Seeing velocity data in action in a training/testing session will reveal its true usefullness!

Book on using the link below…

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Nick GranthamDan Baker – The High Powered Performance Tour

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