Interns Wanted

When I was embarking on my S&C career the term ‘internship’ never actually existed, you just went out and got experience (usually unpaid).

Internships seems to be a pretty devisive topic and can create some heated debates on soical media (most of which I’m not really that interested in – normally because it’s a lot of hot air and no realy action!).

The bottom line is that internships and being an intern are here to stay and whilst some organisations do a pretty poor job of running intern programmes there are many out there that do a very good job of working with aspiring S&C coaches.

If you are thinking about embarking on an internship have a read of this article that recently featured in the NSCA Strength and Conditioning Journal, it has some great information in it that may help you avoid taking on an internship where you just make brews for the boss!

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Have a look at what I have to say about breaking into the strength and conditioning profession – I tell it how it is in You’re Hired – an insider’s guide to becoming a strength and conditioning coach.

Nick GranthamInterns Wanted

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