The Italian Job – ICST 2014

I’m heading off to Italy today to attend the 9th International Conference on Strength Training (ICST 2014) and I’m really looking forward to the trip – not least for the fact that there’s a whole bunch of friends and colleagues traveling to the conference too (not in Mini’s – Jet 2 and Easyjet are handling transport)

The Italian Job

Blimey, they cram you in on these economy flights! What’s the matter. Yellow: He says he wants to sit up in front with the driver! Coco: I always get sick in the back. Yellow: Listen, if I go in the back, I’ll get me migraine, I’ll be out like a light. Charlie Croker: You are not going to be sick. You are not going to have your migraine. And everybody is gonna sit in the back of the motor! Arthur: Charlie, me in the back of the motor with my asthma?

and the fact that Italian food hits the spot on so many levels.

Oh – there’s a decent line up of speakers too!

Inigo Mujika

Dietmar Schmidtbleicher

William Kraemer

Avery Faigenbaum

Rob Newton

Sadly I’ll miss the first day but there’s still a ton of good stuff to attend. I’m particularly looking forward to Keijo Hakkinen and Inigo Mujika who will look at strength and endurance training: friends or enemies and when, as well as Avery Faigenbaum who will both be looking at new perspectives and future directions in strength training for children. I’ve seen Avery a couple of times and he always delivers the goods. One session that strikes fear into me is Dietmar Schmidtbleicher’s looking at stochastic resonance (I’ve had to Google it and I’m now wading through some pre-reading so that I can keep up with the clever kids at the front of the class!).

Hang on a minute lads, I've got a great idea!

Hang on a minute lads, I’ve got a great idea!

I’ll be taking notes and  will follow up this post with my take home messages from the conference.

Hopefully this will be the soundtrack to the conference!

Nick GranthamThe Italian Job – ICST 2014

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