Keir Wenham Flatt UK Seminar Series


Keir has most recently been working with the Puma’s – they beat France at the weekend don’t you know!

Keir Wenham Flatt ( is a name that has been on my radar for 3-4 years (difficult not to be with a name like that!) and I’ve featured a couple of his posts on this site back in 2012 (December). He most recently popped up on my radar when I found out he was going to be over in the UK delivering a series of workshops on how to get a job as an S&C coach.

If you are a regular reader of this blog you will know that this is an area that I’m passionate about and you’ll have seen my book – You’re Hired and will know that every penny from the book goes to charity.

When I saw Keir was going to be in town I gave him a shout and whilst we had a chat Keir made me a really generous offer. If I supplied a FREE copy of my book to everyone attending his workshops in December he would donate £10 for each delegate to the charity! A really generous offer and needless to say I snapped his hand off.

So here’s the deal – Keir will be in the UK in December and will be delivering his 0.5-day workshop in the following cities:

Manchester 13th December

Belfast 15th December

Newcastle 16th December

Leeds 17th December

Spaces are limited and being snapped up every week so get yourself booked on ASAP to avoid dissapointment – check out this short video explaining what he’s doing (I apologise in advance for his terrible cut off tank top – v-dodgy – ‘suns out – guns out!’)

You may be wondering why I’m sending you to go and listen to Keir. It’s simple – my book presents to you my experience and how I made it as a successful S&C coach. There’s a bunch of great information in the book that I know will help you but what Keir brings is YOUTH (he’s way younger than me!) – his experience is really contemporary and he will bring a new perspective direct from the coal face. In a v-short space of time he’s gone from intern to head S&C coach and having spoken to him I know you will gain a lot from listening to him and attending his 0.5 day workshop (plus – you’ll get a copy of my book too! – plus we raise a bundle more cash for charity.

In my book I  talk about the need to create a mastermind group – this is a great chance to put that into practice and get the benefit of not one but two S&C coaches experience and knowledge.


If you’re still not convinced read this:

It took Keir just over three years to go from working as an unpaid intern to working with Los Pumas Argentina to becoming head of strength and speed for the 2013 NRL Champions the Sydney Roosters.

He used to suck at trying to secure jobs and spent over two years getting nothing from every position he applied for – not even a letter of rejection.

He bombed at a LOT of interviews!

He’s been on the outside,  on the fringes, an intern, a paid coach and now he’s the guy who gets asked by people to come and work for them and hire interns of his own.

In this seminar Keir is going to talk about the stuff you really need to do to stand out from the crowd, to get the job you want, and climb the ladder. We’ll be answering questions like:

  • What is more important, qualifications or experience?
  • Who are the people you need to meet to get ahead?
  • What is the best way to apply for a job?
  • How can you boost your chances of getting an interview?
  • What should I talk about in the interview process?
  • How do I not f**k up my internship and actually get asked to stay?
  • Once I’m a coach, how do I climb the ladder?


Nick GranthamKeir Wenham Flatt UK Seminar Series

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