What a numpty! I’m still coming to LEEDS!

Every now and then I do something really stupid!

I was wondering why only the earlybird tickets had sold for next weeks Creating Athletic Legacies workshop in Leeds.

Every other workshop had pretty much sold out and I knew the coaches in Leeds would be keen to hear about the latest developments in phsycial preparation for youth athletes.

So why the slow uptake?

I thought I would take a look at the booking page and then I realised what I had done! I’d forgotten to change the date for the general release tickets – you’ve not been able to book on!!!!!


Some of you reading this may think it’s a clever sales pitch – I wish I was that clever! I’ve honestly made a huge cock up – so, if you’ve been trying to book on to next weeks workshop you can head over to the eventbrite page right now and book your spot.

See you next Thursday (19th) in Leeds.



Nick GranthamWhat a numpty! I’m still coming to LEEDS!

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