Physical Development Strategies For Youth Athletes – Update

I announced last month that I will be delivering a workshop on the 22nd January 2015 focusing exclusively on the development of physical preparation strategies for youth athletes. I was blown away by the response and the popularity of the workshop and I’ve been asked to deliver the same workshop around the UK. So, in February I’ll be jumping in my car and heading out for a mini tour of the UK. At the moment I’ve got the following dates confirmed.





Each venue has an early bird offer and if Leicester is anything to go by – these tickets went like hot cakes!

>>Creating An Athletic Legacy – Youth Physical Development Strategies<<

This 2.5-hour evening workshop deals with the realities of working with young athletes. This is an essential workshop for anyone working in youth sport (coaches, sport scientists, strength and conditioning coaches). I’m going to share insights based on my experience working in performance sport and the content of the workshop will be applicable to a wide range of sports.  We will look at the underpinning science and contemporary developments in the area, but you can rest assured that this won’t be another ‘academic’ workshop. I’ll draw upon real life examples to show you the good, the bad and the ugly of physical preparation for young athletes.

elkbbb1I’ll discuss the problems faced by players that have been overplayed and overtrained resulting in potentially career limiting injuries.

YOuth-TennisWe will look at why some sports are stifing success at senior level because juniors are chasing ‘ranking points’.


I’ll explain why I believe the best coaches should work with the youngest athletes


I’ll look at sports that increasingly think ‘early specialisation’ is the key and why this could actually push potential world beaters out of the sport.


I’ll share the simple athletic development pathways that I’ve established for sports such as Netball and Tennis that have helped transform the fitness standards of young players.

During the evening workshop I will take you through my evidence-based approach to the physical preparation of children and young athletes and show you how to apply these concepts in the real world using practical movement and gym based training. The facilities at Leicester City are fantastic and there will be opportunities to get ‘hands on’ and learn by doing!

We will explore key topics in strength and conditioning, including:

– Myths and misconceptions of physical preparation and the youth athlete

– Planning and periodisation considerstions for youth athletes

– Practical introduction to physical preparation strategies for youth athletes including:

– Strength, power and plyometrics

– Speed and agility

– Metabolic conditioning

– Mobility and flexibility

– Injury reduction

With delegate fees ranging from £25-35 this will prove to be a popular workshop so I’d crack on and get it booked!

For full details check out >>Creating An Athletic Legacy – Youth Physical Development Strategies<<

Nick GranthamPhysical Development Strategies For Youth Athletes – Update

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