The Language of Coaching

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"It would seem that new information is best understood through the lens of something we already know"

Nick Winkleman - The Language of Coaching

How often do you repeat the same cue over and over and feel like you are not being heard?

How many times have you tried to explain a theory or concept to a someone and they stare back at you with a glazed expression on their face?

Chances are you've been using overly literal or technical language to try and get your message across. If you're struggling to get information to land, maybe you need to consider a different approach.

As Nick Winkleman, author of The Language of Coaching says, maybe it's time to 'go analog'.

I used to apologise for using analogies in my coaching and teaching because somehow I felt I was dumbing down the underpinning message or concept, but it turns out that analogies are really important building blocks of communication and when used appropriately they can stimulate learning.

When I explain periodisation in terms of Russian Dolls, lightbulbs go on above students heads!

When I coach a goalkeeper explode off the ground as if they are tipping the ball over the crossbar the goalkeeper produces a maximal vertical jump.

Analogies are a really useful communication tool and they can are a great way to take existing knowledge to help people learn new concepts or movements.

Source: The Language of Coaching by Nick Winkleman