“Throughout my football career I had my share of injuries – ACL, triple leg break, major hamstring tear, a ruptured disc, two hernias and a couple of medial knee injuries, to name a few, so when I first came up with the idea of a 3500-mile charity bike ride in 25 days there was only one person I trusted to get me physically and mentally prepared.”

Robbie Elliott (Former Professional Football Player)

That’s right – me!

Robbie hadn’t ridden a bike since he was a kid, his injury history was horrendous and he wanted me to get him ready for a charity cycle ride – 3500 miles over 25 brutal days from Lisbon to Tyneside, through four countries and visiting eight football clubs.

He can’t resist a challenge. Fortunately for him, neither can I. That’s probably why I’ve been able to cope with the unpredictability of sport for almost 20 years.

I’m a ‘Specialist Generalist’ with the ability to thrive in a range of settings and make use of a variety of resources. It’s why I’ve been able to bring my unique skill set to bear across 35 different sports.

With humour, skill, knowledge and innovation Nick Grantham revolutionised the attitudes of national netballers to strength and conditioning. He also contributed to the establishment of a major culture change at the elite level of the game.
Throughout my football career I had my share of injuries, ACL, triple leg break, major hamstring tear, a ruptured disc, two hernias and a couple of medial knee injuries to name a few, so when I first came up with the idea of a 3500 mile charity bike ride in 25 days there was only one person I trusted to get me physically and mentally prepared.
Having played rugby to National League 1 level, I believed I was in pretty good shape. Nick completely opened my eyes to how amateur my training and approach to diet etc really was. I lost over 1.5 stone of fat and increased lean muscle mass. Moreover, my deadlift and squat soared along with my technique becoming very good. Within 8 months I was pushing to break the Guinness World Record for heaviest deadlift in 24 hours. My training has been transformed for life after working with Nick. He has educated me and I have found my time working with Nick invaluable. Whatever your goal, Nick will help you achieve it.
Success in netball at an elite level requires exceptional skill in combination with high levels of speed, power, agility and overall endurance. Nick developed my individualised training plan which enabled me to maximise my playing performance.
Nick is a dedicated and knowledgeable S&C coach. His commitment to helping me achieve my goals away from the pitch enabled me to excel on it.
Thank you for the work you did with me over the last 4 years. It has made a huge difference in my performance over a tournament which concluded in me win a bronze in Athens Paralympics and this year a silver in the European Championships which also meant we qualifier for Beijing. You are very professional at what you do. Thanks for everything.
I have worked with Nick for the best part of 6 years as an individual and part of the England Netball squad. He was the major influence in our squad becoming the fittest strongest and fastest we had ever been. He set up individual training programmes for athletes from which I was a major beneficiary. Not only did Nick improve my fitness in general but he was the only reason I was able to prolong my career. His rehabilitation programmes have helped me through 3 ankle operations and were it not for him my second Commonwealth Games Bronze medal would not have been a reality. Training never has been my favourite past time and I’m sure Nick never looked forward to the individual training sessions with me but his personality, persuasion and belief in me meant the difference between winning my medals and not. Were it not for his time and dedication I would never have achieved my dreams
Nick Grantham was my Strength & Conditioning coach for about 7 months. With his help throughout this period I was fully prepared for major tournaments, and was at my strongest and fittest. The knowledge and support that he gave me has helped improve my technique, my strength and my endurance and will help take me further in my judo career.
I was fortunate to work with Nick Grantham, then Lead Strength and Conditioning Coach for the English Institute of Sport in the West Midlands when I became personal coach to a young talented rower Zac Purchase (Olympic Gold Medallist), who joined us from the GB Junior programme. The real effectiveness in Nick’s approach was the individualisation of the programme and his ability to teach the skills. Along with this was introduced a constant degree of challenge with the technique and the weight lifted. Nick can take a good deal of credit for the rapid development of Zac Purchase through 2005 to the present to be Great Britain’s top lightweight international and with his two seasons in the single and recent qualification for Beijing one of the top lightweight rowers in the world.
I just wanted to tell you again THANKS!  You have really taught me a lot over the last couple of years (I think it took me a year to listen) – I still have TRAIN LIKE AN ATHLETE stuck in my head!!  Anyway, thanks again.  I have learned so much from you (more then all my time in school, college and playing in Sydney).  You turned me into the fittest I have been in my life for the Olympics and I really do appreciate it.  I know that was the main reason I played so well at the Olympics too!! themselves.


“Seven weeks prior to departure for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games I fractured my hand in two places! Nick played a major role in my rehabilitation.”

Craig Heap (Olympic, World and European Finalist gymnast, captain of the 1998 and 2002 Gold Medal-winning Commonwealth Games Team)

High-performance sport asks questions of the human body and the relentless battering it takes during training and competition means that at some point an athlete will pick up an injury.

Craig had trained for 18 years to become British Champion, he had won the first two Olympic trials and was preparing for the final trial, which was also the British Championships, when he slipped and broke his hand.

There were only seven weeks until the team travelled to Sydney.

I was an integral part of the support team that started working with Craig three days after incurring his injury, and 49 days later he boarded the plane before competing, three weeks later, in the Men’s All-Around Final.

He delivered a personal best, and at the time the best-placed finish for a GB gymnast.

Working closely with medical support teams I’ve helped to return athletes with career threatening injuries back to full fitness and competition using innovative rehabilitation strategies.

Nick Grantham has been one of the most influential coaches of my playing career. After 7 knee surgeries and very small odds of playing again, most people would have walked away and not taken on the challenge. Nick saw a glimmer of hope and took it upon himself to get me back on the basketball court. I will always be grateful for his constant support and efforts in helping me try to achieve my dream!
Seven weeks prior to departure for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games I fractured my hand in two places! Nick played a major role in my rehabilitation
I’ve a lot of time for Nick and really enjoyed working with him. He’s obviously great at his job but is a top man as well. Nick gave me something that will stick with me for the rest of my footballing career. I just wish I could have met him a lot earlier. I think that everything Nick has done for me will prolong my career and I feel like I’m in the best possible shape of my career. I just need the football to follow which will come next season. Nick, kept me going when times were getting hard. Cheers for everything mate,will never forget what you’ve done for me.
I worked with Nick for a number of years at the Lilleshall National Sports Centre. During this time our clients came from a wide range of sports with the majority being professional & elite athletes. Nick has the ability to deliver very practical physical conditioning programmes that are based on sound scientific principles. Nick communicates effectively and is an excellent motivator who invariably gets the best out of his clients. Nick’s no-nonsense approach to the subject of athletic strength & conditioning is a breath of fresh air to an aspect of sports preparation that has become increasingly important in the contemporary competitive sporting world.
Nick, I really appreciate everything you’ve done for me this season to help me stay strong whilst I’ve been injured. I’ve been lucky enough to work with some great fitness coaches during my career and you’re up there with the best of them.Thanks for all your help and support.
Nick is an exceptional strength and conditioning coach who has helped me return from injury many times and earned himself the nickname Nick ‘the body mechanic’ Grantham!
When Nick arrived at the club I was just about to undergo ankle surgery and he was instrumental in helping me return to full fitness ahead of schedule.
Playing sports for a number of years I thought I trained well and was physically well prepared. When I started to train with Nick I was not sure what a difference strength and conditioning could make and if I would stick with it. The difference has been significant. The change in all aspects of my physical preparation and performance is certainly something I would not have achieved without the expertise, support and motivation from the Nick. I would recommend him to anyone without any hesitation.
Nick worked with me on my physical preparation during the 2010-11 season and helped me to improve my conditioning and return to playing. Nick was part of the support team working on my rehab from a year long lay off through osteitis pubis. The work Nick did with me has helped to make me get stronger and  recover from what could have been a career threatening injury. I owe a lot to Nick for the work he did with me as now I’ve got a platform for the rest of my career, he’s also not a bad bloke ha ha…..


“Nick has a great way with the people he works with, whether it’s a professional athlete, private client or colleague. Nick will always make every effort to invest his time in those he works with to help them achieve their goals. He’s a great coach, manager and mentor.”

Peter Elliot (MBE) (Deputy Director of Operations – English Institute of Sport)

Education, for me, is about making the complex seem simple.

That’s what I do when I speak at national and international conferences, about high-performance sport, when I lecture at major universities and when I work with the likes of the English Institute of Sport, Nike and the Jaguar Academy of Sport.

And it’s what I do when I take the knowledge gained through almost 20 years of working in high-performance sport to develop a professional development plan and mentoring programme for aspiring sport science professionals, strength and conditioning coaches and fitness professionals.

Because I’m as passionate about helping coaches realise their potential as I am about my athletes.

It’s what I do.

“One word, inspirational. Ever since Nick visited the school to talk to the pupils about his career teachers have been telling me how much the pupils not only enjoyed his presentation but how they were inspired by Nick’s story. They all wish they had been able to attend!”

Tony Wilson (Head of History – Abbotsholme School)

Nick has a great way with the people he works with, whether it’s a professional athlete, private client or colleague – Nick will always make every effort to invest his time in those he works with to help them achieve their goals. He’s a great coach, manager and mentor.
Nick Grantham is one of the most practical and applied conditioning specialists in the World today. He has the uncanny ability to take the science out of the textbooks and into the real world. More importantly he gets results. One of the best practitioners I have ever met.
Having been mentored by Nick Grantham whilst on the UK Sport Fast Track Practitioner programme I can definitely say that working with Nick is a great way to start, develop and enhance a career in high performance sport. I won ‘Intern of the Year’ and progressed to a full time position with the English Institute of Sport.
Nick Grantham is a dedicated responsible coach. He is a watcher and a learner. Needless to say he doesn’t blindly follow the ‘latest trend,’ or incorporate the new fad of the moment. He is however, always open to new ideas, but he remains true to the training philosophy that he has developed through numerous successful years working as strength and conditioning coach. Through Nick’s experience and expertise he manages to combine fundamental training principles with innovative ideas that get the job done, effectively, efficiently and expertly.
Nick is one of the UK’s leading S&C coaches. He has a no nonsense approach, based upon excellent scientific knowledge and a solid philosophy. He is also capable or mentoring and coaching other S&C coaches, which he has recently done successful for one of my team. I would recommend that Nick will improve both athlete’s performances directly, and the performance of other practitioners.
Nick is a fantastic motivator and his take on how to be a great coach translates incredibly well into business. I had the pleasure of listening to Nick at a TED event and was inspired and motivated by his enthusiasm and ability to engage the audience with issues that affect us all on a daily basis. It was that talk which led to me asking Nick to speak to my team who could all relate to his examples of how to be a better leader, team player and how to leave a lasting legacy in all that you do. I have used Nicks analogies on numerous occasions to set the bar for my team and my own performance. I cannot praise him enough and would recommend him to anyone looking to liven up and motivate their team or indeed themselves.
Whilst working as the Professional Game Match Officials Limited (PGMOL) Head of Sport Science, I approached Nick to deliver a range of practical sessions on various aspects of strength and conditioning that all the referees could introduce into their training regimes, along with some advice on aiding the referees’ recovery in between games. The sessions that Nick delivered to the Select Group referees were very well received by all due to his excellent presentation skills, his ability to link the theory with the practice in a sport-specific context and also his capacity to coach and communicate new training techniques to a new audience.
One word, inspirational. Ever since Nick visited the school to talk to the pupils about his career teachers have been telling me how much the pupils not only enjoyed his presentation but how they were inspired by Nick’s story. They all wish they had been able to attend!
Nick made an invaluable contribution to my third year undergraduate Sports Science Support module, drawing on his extensive experience working in high performance sport. Student feedback on these sessions was exceptionally positive. It has been my privilege to monitor Nick’s outstanding progress from his undergraduate degree through his MSc programme of studies to his current position.
Dedicated, energetic, and highly committed, Nick is an outstanding strength and conditioning coach with the experience and pedigree of success to backup his work. Nick offers an enthusiasm and determination that is infectious, and as a result his style of coaching always gets the most out of the athletes he works with! With a history of coaching athletes to the most elite of professional and Olympic levels, Nick possesses a great portfolio of skills and up-to-date knowledge that makes his coaching and training programme designs fundamental to athletic success. His testament as a coach is that he will always expect as much of himself as he does the athletes he coaches.
I consider Nick Grantham a ‘conditioning gem’ on the other side of the pond. In terms of progressive, effective, efficient training, Nick Grantham is on the top of the game. He is at the top of the food chain when it comes to staying on top of innovative training..something many conditioning specialists fail to do.
I have always been passionately fond of sport and chose to study sports science for my first degree. Here I developed an interest in strength and conditioning but was not sure how to progress in this field. As soon as I began working with Nick he gained my full interest and attention. His mentor programme was different from anything that I had previously encountered. He is able to combine academic knowledge and practical application making personal development easy and enjoyable. His mentoring technique bridges the gap between academic studies and the working environment. Nick has been an inspiration to me as I look forward to starting a career in strength and conditioning. I will always be grateful to him for the way in which he developed my professional and personal skills and for his unfailing help and encouragement.
I began studying an exercise science degree with no real idea where it would take me. By chance I took up a personal development module that introduced me to Nick and having seen the passion, knowledge and no B.S. approach he brings to his job I knew this was a guy I could learn from. At the start of my time interning with Nick I could barley tell my isotonic contractions from isotonic sport drinks, fast forward a year and with Nicks help I’ve become a certified coach through two of the world’s leading S&C organisations and I’m in the process of completing my MSc in strength and conditioning. This would not have been possible without the guidance of a real world coach, who knows how to get results. Thanks Nick.
Youth Strength & Conditioning is a discipline that is widely becoming recognised as an essential aspect of sporting performance. Nicks knowledge and experience is fundamental in guiding young and aspiring practitioners, along with seasoned veteran coaches a ‘to the point’ lesson of how best to develop, and guide young athletes to performance goals. Nick’s Creating an Athletic Legacy workshop was a fantastic lesson in how to develop underpinning theories into practice without losing the Fun to youth training. An extremely insightful coach with reams of ‘Been There, Done That!’ experience that is key in Strength & Conditioning.
Nick GranthamSuccess