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I first met Jean Claude Vacassin back in 2010 when he attended a 3-day mentorship programme that I was delivering in Newcastle. We kept in touch and I followed with interest the development of his company, W10 Performance. On the 10th of October 2012 we caught up in London and whilst we sat down to tuck into our breakfast the seeds of the Professional Fitness Coaching Academy were sewn.

Initially JC had approached me to develop a bespoke professional development programme for the Staff of W10 Performance. He wasn’t happy with the level of training and education available to his staff and wanted a programme that would raise the bar for his team.

That programme was developed and subsequently delivered in 2014. The original 6-month W10 Performance Professional Development Pathway was a huges success, so much so that word was starting to spread and other fitness professionals wanted in on the action!

To be honest, I hadn’t really envisaged delivering this programme to other fitness professionals but JC suggested that this programme could be expanded and made available to a much wider audience.

The W10 Performance Professional Development Pathway was about to become the Professional Fitness Coaching Academy.

During the past 12-months we have been working away behind the scences to make sure that we have all of the systems in place to deliver what we believe is a pretty special professional development programme.

This one of a kind programme will be delivered through a combination of in-person and e-learning and is accredited by Register of Exercise Professionals. It is aimed at anyone who wants to expand their knowledge in the area of professional sports and fitness coaching (personal trainers, strength and conditioning coaches, physiotherapists, chiropractors and other rehabilitation professionals).

The first intake will embark on their 12-month professional development pathway in September.

Each intake will be limited to just 25 spaces.


Unlike many other training courses, the twelve month pathway is not a system or pre-determined way of doing things, but rather encourages critical thinking through guided learning, so that our graduates gain a solid underpinning knowledge across the core modules, rather than become talking heads.

Our core learning modules are:

•  Integrated Performance Training
•  Art and Science of Coaching
•  Programme Design Principles
•  Evaluation and Monitoring
•  Movement Quality Training
•  Flexibility and Mobility
•  Strength and Power Development
•  Injury Reduction and Reconditioning
•  Metabolic Conditioning
•  Recovery and Regeneration
•  Nutrition
•  The Business of Fitness

These modules will be delivered via a combination of e-learning and print materials and are expanded upon during the quarterly residential seminars in London, where each module is covered in depth by the PFCA team and our expert panel (Duncan French, Darren Roberts, Neil Parsley, Jon Lipsey, Jean Claude Vacassin, Matt Lovell, Ben Rosenblatt…and me!). Further support is then provided via interaction in our private online community, monthly webinars, and additional one-to-one coaching calls.

I’m really excited to get cracking and start working with the first intake – it’s going to be a great 12-months.

Nick GranthamThe Professional Fitness Coaching Academy

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