Youth Training Workshop – London

The Creating An Athletic Legacy workshops went down an absolute storm in 2015 and the feedback that I recieved from the caoches was fantastic.

The main problem we had with the evening workshops was fitting all of the content in so that’s why I’m running a one off 1-day workshop in London in March.

I’m going to bring all of the great content that we covered in 2015 with some updated research and most importantly time to explore the practical applications. We have a great venue, St Mary’s Univeristy but the numbers are limited to 26 so this event will sell out!

Check out some of the content from 2015

Jose Mourinho, Painists and Football Players

I don’t care if you’re a 13 year old superstar

Just play sport to get fit?

2015 Workshop Feedback

Feedback has been but don’t just take my word for it – have a look at the results of the feedback froms. The sessions were informative and useful – 4.5/5

The content of the material presented was appropriate – 4.6/5

I felt confident with the presenter – 4.8/5

The presenter was approachable re: Q&A’s – 4.9/5

What aspects of the workshop did you find most useful?

“scientifically driven content put into practical scenarios, presented well, good expereinces shared…”

“practical aspect and understanding the notion of developing intelligent athletes…”

“use of metaphors outside sport”

“reminder of the basics, great practical and real life experiences, enthusiastic presenter”

“practical ideas”

“presentation with practical content”

“research/resources to go along with each point – vivid concepts”

“Diversification Vs Specialisation”

“practical and applied”

“All of it!”

“Simplifying complex issues into basic easy to understand ideas…”

Spaces are limted so get booked on…

On March 5th St Marys University will be hosting the workshop at their fantastic strength and conditioning facility. If the evening workshops are anything to go by this one will be a event and the tickets will fly, so get yourself booked on.

Coaches working in football, cricket, tennis, golf, horse riding, tennis and rugby have attended the previous events and if you’re wondering if it’s worth a trip down south, have a look at some of the feedback I recieved this year.

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Nick GranthamYouth Training Workshop – London

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