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When I started working with Rachel and Gee Atherton I was immediately contacted by Chris Hall from Downtime Podcast asking me to come on the show and discuss all things downhill mountain biking…which at the time pretty much extended to, point the thing with two wheels down the mountain and try to hold on!

We had a pretty sketchy season with some big injuries to both Rach and Gee and it just didn’t feel right to talk about something that I was still getting to grips with. Chris and I kept in touch throughout the following season during which we were all working hard on the come back.

Once we finally came out the other side of the 2018 season with some fantastic performacnes and results, I felt I had enough to talk about! 2 years in action sports is a bit like dog years – you manage to cram a lot of expereinces into the roller coaster!

Just what you need at the end of an interval – your coach taking a photo!

If you are into action sports and physical preparation, head over to Downtime Podcast to check out how I got involved with Atherton Racing, injury prevention and recovery, key aspects of mountain bike training, and my view on the future of physical preparation for downhill mountain biking, amongst many other things.

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