Exercise Prescription For Physio’s

There’s a gap in most physio’s skill set – problem is – it’s a really important component.

Excellent diagnostic skills – CHECK

Fantastic exercise progressions – CHECK

Detailed understanding of programme design – OH BUGGER

It’s a bit like trying to make a cake – I know it’s a chocolate cake – I know what the ingredients are – I have no idea how to combine them – how much of each ingredient I need – how long to cook it for etc etc – end result – nasty cake!

The most popular workshop that I deliver for phsyio departments and private clinics around the country is without doubt the session exploring modern exercise prescription.

I’m delivering an evening workshop in October in Newcastle – if you’re a physio in the NE and you’re wondering if the workshop is going to be worth attending, do me a favour and complete this simple quiz.

1. Do you know the significance of this building?

postcard-chicago-chicago-beach-hotel-hyde-park-dramatic-angle-i-will-series-19112. OK – this one is a little easier – do you know how this guy influenced what you currently understand about programme design?

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 13.58.58Bugger – nothing else for it really – see you on the 14th October at North Tyneside General Hospital and I’ll explain everything you need to know about Modern Exercise Prescription – Early philosophies, current concepts & successful strategies



Nick GranthamExercise Prescription For Physio’s

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