Fur Coat and No Knickers – Technology In Sport

Last night I delivered a webinar for the Proformance Strength and Conditioning Network.

I looked at the impact technology has had on coaching and shared my experiences (good and bad) working with a range of sports using all kinds of technology. I’ll share specific examples from my work with Olympic Gymnasts, International Netball and Basketball teams, professional football (EPL) and professional golf.

The question that I posed at the start of the webinar was, Have we forgotten how to coach?

Some coaches may be in danger of forgetting how to coach, influenced by numbers they forget that there’s an athlete behind the data.

Are some teams and coaches “All fur coat and no knickers” – look like they are doing a great job becuase they use all the latest gadgets but in fact the numbers they crunch don’t inform the coaching process and optimise performance?

Check out the webinar and let me know what you think.

Nick GranthamFur Coat and No Knickers – Technology In Sport

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