Amazing Discoveries

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In Gary John Bishop's book, Stop Doing That Sh*t he tells the reader to "Try something, and if it doesn't work, try something else!".

In 1988 I started work at Barclays Bank. I discovered a D in GSCE maths wasn't conducive to a career in financial services.

In 1990 I switched to a job with Royal Sun Alliance. I discovered looking after people's pensions and life assurance was dull!

In 1993 I embarked on a sports science degree because I wanted to be a sport psychologist. By the end of the first semester, I figured being a physiologist was much more interesting.

In 1998 I landed my first job as an exercise physiologist. After 12 months the thought of taking blood lactates for the rest of my career filled me with dread.

In 2001 I switched to become a strength and conditioning coach. BINGO! Wearing shorts and a t-shirt all day and coaching was the perfect fit.

What's clear is that the path from Banker? (insert your own've got such a dirty mind) to Strength and Conditioning Coach working in high-performance sport wasn't planned.

It was a series of discoveries.

Each step was a chance to realise what didn't fit and discover what it was I really enjoyed.

We're told that we should have a plan for pretty much everything, but maybe there are times when rather than waiting for the perfect plan, we crack on and make some amazing discoveries that we didn't even know existed.

Source: Gary John Bishop - Stop Doing That Sh*t