Conscious Coaching

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"Athletes are people first, and like most people they have agendas of their own."

Brett Bartholomew - Conscious Coaching?

In chapter three of Brett's excellent book, Conscious Coaching he reminds us that emotions will always trump logic! I wish someone had told me that in the early days when I thought all you had to do was create a fancy spreadsheet and explain to athletes the logic behind a certain training intervention.

A combination of emotions, logic and deeply engrained behaviours sit behind every decision an athlete takes and ultimately the behaviours they engage in. If you want to influence the athletes you're working with you need to consider which element or combination of elements will unlock the door, after all, they are people first.

Sure, we may be able to bring about a short-term change in behaviour by talking about facts and figures, but Brett points out that to bring about long-term change we have to understand what drives the athletes behaviour in the first place, and we may even have to spend time helping the athlete to unlock the mysteries of their own behaviour. ??

Source: Brett Bartholomew - Conscious Coaching