Control The Controllable

I can control all of the stuff in the small circle. I'm aware of all the stuff in the big circle but often there's nothing I can do to impact on it. I can stress over it and try to influence it, or I can crack on with the stuff I can control.

Over the weekend I saw a bunch of tweets and e-mails flying that seemed to focus on the minutia of why injuries may or may not occur. All very good and interesting stuff but I do think that they often try to over complicate things and as a result paralyse practitioners and patients/athletes alike.

Here's the deal. Whilst I'm interested in knowing some of this stuff (the stuff in the big red circle) torso sway, knee valgus, Q-angle, joint laxity,  role's of specific muscles etc etc etc, the bottom line is that we need to control the controllable (stuff in the small red circle).

Often the controllable is the fact that the athlete isn't 'athletic' and the reason things unravel, go pop and fall off is because the structures aren't fit for purpose.

Get that sorted and you are now controlling the controllable.