Dip For The Line

This is a very different topic. Not many strength and conditioning coaches talk about about how to break into the profession. Typically you'll attend all sorts of workshops to develop your technical skills, to learn how to go and lift or to do a particular type of strength conditioning. I think I increasingly, judging by the number of emails and enquiries that I'm getting that we've got a lot of people graduating now, or wanting to be strength and conditioning coaches that can't break into the profession, or are becoming frustrated with how quickly they're progressing through.


The idea for You're Hired has been knocking around now for about two years. I remember, December 2010, sitting there and having this brainwave because I had just received another raft of emails that week from coaches asking the same question.'How do I make it as an S&C coach?' So I'm sat there in my office sending out the same email response and I think, You know what? I just needed to get this all sorted out put into one place. So I sat there and wrote it all down and then did nothing with it for a year, which is a great start!

So then I sat there, December 2011, looking back at the things I said I was going to do and what I hadn't and this popped up again. Right, I'll get this nailed this year. Then I was chatting to Brendan Chaplin about workshops and I said, 'Look, let's try something a little bit different.' And that's what we did!

I developed You're Hired and in November 2012 we ran the first You're Hired workshop in Leeds.  I think there is a genuine need for it You're Hired but I think it's going to take a little while for people to actually realise that they need to be working on this aspect of their development. But the fact that you're sat here reading this means you're already one step ahead of the competition. You understand that you need to dip for the line.

You're Hired gives you an inside guide as to how to get into the profession. If you are serious about becoming a strength and conditioning coach you will want to grab a copy.