Do Something Useful With A Stability Ball

Finally, something that's really useful to do with a Stability Ball. To help improve shoulder strength and stability go and fill a stability ball with water (as much or as little as you feel is appropriate 10-15lbs is good). Have your client perform the following drills for between 30-60 seconds each repetition. Not only will they get a great workout for the glenohumeral complex, they will have to remain strong throughout the whole of the body (especially when working with the ball overhead!), More bang for your bucks!

1. Overhead Press (partner taps) - Press the ball overhead - whilst overhead have a training partner tap the ball in a random manner. The water will move and the working athlete will have to work hard to stabilise the ball as the water swishes around inside! Increase the intensity of the taps to push the workload higher.

2. Figure 8's - Hold the ball out in front (arms slightly bent), move the ball through a figure 8 motion. Once the ball starts moving, so will the water and pretty soon you will feel your shoulder muscles working overtime to stabilise!

3. Circles - Same as Figure 8's but switch between clockwise and anti clockwise circles every 2-3 reps - the quicker you switch the harder you will need to work to stabilise the joint.