Do You Need A Coach?

I'm still amazed at how often I watch people working out in a gym for months, even years, without getting any results. They must be happy spending significant amounts of cash on gym memberships, content that they are not really getting any results. Why do people have the mistaken belief that they know what to do when it comes to getting don't.

If I want my car fixed I go to a mechanic, if my boiler breaks down I call a plumber...the list could go on. I, like many other will pay for an expert to come and fix things. Why? Because they are experts at what they do, they will solve my problem quickly and efficiently. But when it comes to fitness everyone is an instant expert! Even my friends and family become experts having read the latest training or nutrition advice in HIYA or OI magazine! They are happy to tinker around with the most important thing in their life (their body - HEALTH and fitness) and work it out as they go along! 

So lets have a reality check. If you are serious about getting into the best shape of your life, then guess what - you need to hire an expert to help you to achieve your goals. Research proves that you'll have more success if you hire a coach - you will also hit your targets a whole lot quicker (so in the long run you'll actually end up saving time and money). Data shows that working out with a coach is an effective method for changing attitudes (gets you out of your comfort zone and breaks your habits) and thereby increasing the amount of physical activity you do, which will make you fitter and healthier. It also shows that you are more likely to have long-term success - we can all hit the gym for a couple of weeks or sort our nutrition out for a couple of days, but you need to be in it for the long haul (Journal of Sports Science and Medicine (2003) 2, 10-14). Just in case you are still not convinced and think that you know more than most coaches (forget the fact that I spent 4 years gaining undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications and then a further 12 years working on the floor to back up the book smarts), here are some more scientific facts: 

Supervised training with a coach is advantageous compared to figuring it out on your own.

Women training in health clubs don't select appropriate training intensities needed for gains in performance. 

Training under supervision and guidance of a coach leads to greater gains in strength, workout intensity and workout levels. 

(Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, vol22 (1) 2008 Ratamess, NA, Faigenbaum, AD, Hoffman, JR & Kang, J.) 

Still, want to go it alone...crack on...but remember, you only get one body...think carefully about who you want to be looking after it.