Don't Covet Your Ideas

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When you were a kid did you ever try and stop the person sitting next to you from looking at your work?

I'm sure you can remember sitting with your arm wrapped around your book in the hope that the kid sitting next to you couldn't see your work of genius! In Paul Arden's cracker of a book (I can't believe it's only 93p on Amazon at the moment!) he describes this as hoarding.

Long after leaving school people still love to hoard, desperately hanging onto ideas, not wanting to share them. But here's the thing. There's very little out there that's original, so the chances are it's not really your idea to hoard! Instead of guarding all of your ideas (which will end up become stale and dated), concerned that others may steal them or take credit for them.

Share your thoughts, experiences, ideas, and brainwaves with everyone and anyone who'll listen.

Giving away all of your ideas will not only force you to go on the hunt for new ones but it will also be paid back in full by others who'll be more than willing to share their brainwaves with you!

Source: Paul Arden - It's Not How Good You Are, It's How Good You Want To Be