Effective Performance Teams

Last week I delivered a webinar to practitioners working for the Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme (TASS) exploring what makes an effective performance team.

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One of the areas we explored was the importance of 'winning not fighting'.

Many performance teams operate in silo's and departmental structures often go a long way to create and reinforce division. Very smart people beaver away doing their own thing and the need to 'dig in and defend indivdual territories' often comes to the fore.

Ross Brawn believes that the only place conflict should take place was on the track, and then "only between his whole team and the others."

The 'fight' shouldn't be taking place within your department, team or organisation.

You should all be standing shoulder to shoulder, avoiding unecessary conflict with each other and directing that energy toward the competition.

Source - Ross Brawn and Adam Parr - Total Competition