Elite Athletic Development

I've been a little late to arrive at this particular party!

Mike contacted me back in July about Elite Athletic Development 3.0 but I was deep a in pre-season tour and didn't get a chance to look over the material. I'm back in the office this week and I've taken a look.

I want to let you know that Elite Athletic Development 3.0 is available, and well worth getting hold of. Last April, Joe Kenn and Mike Robertson teamed up to put on a one-of-a-kind seminar. They've got a collective 40 years in the industry, and they've trained athletes of every shape and size, ranging from high school kids to professional athletes.

Now if you've attended normal seminars, you know that each speaker only gets about an hour to talk. So if you break that down, you've got a 10-15 minute introduction and a 5-10 minute close. If you're lucky, you really get about 20-30 minutes of content. But not here.

Elite Athletic Development 3.0

In this seminar, Coaches Kenn and Robertson go deep into topics you need to know about. Topics like programme design, core training, and how to develop young athletes. In fact, you're going to get over 12 hours of material that is guaranteed to take you to the next level. You'll learn exactly how they lay out programmes. You'll swipe the cues they use to get their athletes moving better. And quite simply, you'll be a more confident and successful strength coach as aresult.

The Elite Athletic Development Seminar 3.0 DVD's are available now and well worth getting hold of.

Elite Athletic Development 3.0