Embrace Slow Change

Trying to get someone to change their behaviour is tricky and it can sometimes take a long time. The important thing is not to become frustrated. Slow change can be good...there, I said it - in a world where everyone wants everything to happen in a hurry there are times when we just need to embrace slow change. 

Instead of always going for the easy win and quick fix there are times when we need to embrace slow change - the drip feed that eventually results in a light bulb moment when you actually get it...and once you get it, the change will stick. Recognising where you are in the change process is important. 

1) PRECONTEMPLATION STAGE - it's not that you can't see the solution. It's that you can't see the problem. Chances are you are under pressure to change from others... spouses, parents, coaches etc. You don't want to change and will resist change! I've seen this with fat loss clients as well as super talented young athletes. They're not training because THEY want to, they are training because someone else wants them to! This is doomed to failure - everyone will  become frustrated.   

2) CONTEMPLATION STAGE - at this stage you want to stop feeling so stuck. You now know what needs to be done and  you start to think about making a change. Many contemplators have indefinite plans to take action within the next few months.  "THEY KNOW THE DESTINATION, AND EVEN HOW TO GET THERE, BUT ARE NOT READY TO GO YET" 

3) PREPARATION STAGE - Most people in the preparation stage are planning to take action and are making the final adjustments before they begin to change their behaviour. They may still need a little convincing.   

4) ACTION STAGE - This is when the changes start. You will overtly modify your  behaviour and your surroundings. Make the move for which you have been preparing. This is a crucial stage and requires the greatest commitment of time and energy.    

5) MAINTENANCE STAGE - Change never ends with action and consistency of approach is vital. Without a strong commitment to maintenance, there will surely be relapse, usually to recontemplation or contemplation stage.    As I said at the top of the blog, there are times when a quick fix just won't work. To get a real, long lasting change  we sometimes need to go through the stages three to four times before me make it through the cycle of change without at least one slip!