Firing Line

Today got off to a slightly more demanding start than usual! One of the clients I'm currently working with had a particulalry tough conditioning session scheduled and one of the drills required a partner (that would be me then!). Now normally my involvement in the session takes the form of me on the side line offering polite words of encouragement whilst the client runs themselves ragged. Not today, today I had to get my hands dirty!

The basic drill is simple enough, a simple defensive drill where we both start on the ground on our chest facing each other approx 6m apart. On my command we get up as quickly as possible and then my partner moves toward me to try and defend me with a two handed touch, meanwhile I'm trying to do my best to evade my partners 'touch' and get past him. That all sounds very simple, that is until you factor in that I'm about 78kg (soaking wet) and my partner is an international rugby player that is tipping the scales at about 123kg!

Now, for 3 weeks I've been putting this guy through his paces and it suddenly dawned on me that this was his chance to get one over on the coach. I now know what it must be like to face a man mountain that is intent on smashing you into the ground! Contact was made on a couple of occasions, which pretty much meant me bouncing off a solid 123kg wall shaped like a human. I'm not sure he even noticed. I don't think that the 'contact' I experienced was really anything to write home about, particularly when you consider that experts believe the level of contact that elite rugby players experience in an international match is similar to 10 car crashes....that's right.....10 car crashes!

I think I experienced a little bump!

A great way to start the day!

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