For The Win

I thought I would share with you what I've been looking at and working on this week. Somehow I've managed to read (well listen to two and read one) three books! Anyone that knows me knows that I have the reading spead of 1000 snails! I discovered x1.5 speed on Audible which is a revelation and I managed to box off The Culture Code by Daniel Coyle and The Energy Bus by Jon Gordon. Both worth having a look at.

I first came across the work of Austin Kleon when I delivered a professional developement workshop at Fit Three Sixty gym in Worcester. They had a copy of Steal Like An Artist in their reception and I knew when I picked it up I would be a fan. I've now got all of his books! In fact, I've just given away Show Your Work to some of my followers on Instagram.

The final book, 64 Shots by Kevin Roberts was delivered today and I've not read it yet but it's a beautiful book (as you would expect from the chairman of Saatchi & Saatchi) and the content looks really solid. I saw this book pop up on one of my old University friends instagram yesterday morning (the wonders of Amazon Prime means it's in my grubby hands now!).

As well as reading through these books I've been digging around a bunch of research papers looking at return to play following injury. I'm trying to figure out the most effective approach to adopt with the sports that I'm currently working with. I'm a bit of a magpie so I suspect I'll be using elements from each of the different approaches. If you're interested in how to return athletes back to sports performance, take a look through these resources.

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