Get Off Your Bike and Lift Some Weights

Now you have to say that title in a John Wayne voice (I'm thinking that it may only be me that finds that funny). Anyway, this is a very quick post because I still can't believe there is anyone out there on this site that doesn't understand the benefits of resistance training for endurance athletes, triathletes in particular.   

If you've heard me speak or read my other posts you will know that in my opinion most triathletes have three grand bikes and fifty pence legs and spend way too much time cycling and not enough time getting strong.   

Just in case you or your athletes still think the best way to improve bike performances is to do more of the same, read this review in The Journal of Strength and Conditioning - The Effects of Resistance Training On Road Cycling Performance Among Highly Trained Cyclists: A Systematic Review, 2010, 24 (2) 560-566   

I'll give you the edited highlights and the authors closing remarks.....are you it comes.....   

 "...replacing a portion of a cyclist's endurance training with resistance training will result in improved time trial performance and maximal power..".  

See you in the gym, remember you can train hard, or you can train SMART!