Light Bulb Moments

A colleague asked me who has given me my most recent 'light bulb' moments? Here's my top three of recent months... 

2005 to date - Michael Boyle - another American, he started as a physio but became a strength coach. Along with Stuart McGill, he has confirmed the importance of incorporating core stabilisation exercises (anti rotation, extension, flexion) into training. Mike has a number of great sites that are well worth checking out.   

June 2009 - Martin Rooney - this great strength coach from the US highlighted the fact that we spend a lot of time making our athletes faster (teaching them how to accelerate) but no time teaching them how to slow down. It's a bit like driving a sports car with no brakes. No wonder so many problems occur when athletes attempt to decelerate and change direction. Martin created Training For Warriors.  

September 2009 - Bill Knowles - a legendary rehab specialist, Bill's aggressive approach to rehab is fantastic and really challenges a lot of the current injury rehabilitation protocols. I had the pleasure of spending the day with him at a workshop last year. Some fantastic tips and insights on how he manages to get broken players back playing quicker than anyone else. 

Who has given you a recent 'light bulb' moment and what was it? Let me know.