Marshmallow Coaching

Watch this clip and stick with it right to the end. It will put a smile on your face!

I often hear coaches moaning that their athletes can't stick to a programme and train consistently to get the pay off later down the line. This is a real problem but I don't think it's just the athletes that flunk the marshmallow test. I think there are a lot of coaches that flunk the test every day of the week.

We are bombarded with new shiny things to do every week and many coaches are lured by the promise of 'quick results'. Do this new funky exercise TODAY and you'll have a world beater on your hands tomorrow.

I've been coaching now for almost 20-years and I've come to realise that I would rather hold on and play the long game. I don't want to be the coach who is always chopping and changing, chasing the quick fix and magic bullet, seeking instant gratification. By all means be a 'instant gratifier' and stuff your face today, eat that marshmallow, it tastes GOOOOOOOOOD!

I'm comfotable being a 'high delayer'. I'll hold on for the big payoff, slow change is lasting change.