Never Lend Books

I'd forgotten about these three books! I let one of my former athletes borrow these a couple of years ago and just before Christmas he popped them round to me! I'd completely forgotten about them. They've not made it into the library that I compiled in the summer but they are crackers. If your Christmas money is burning a hole in your pocket and you are thinking about getting some books, check these three out.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Tough read but well worth it. Probably the first 'self development' book that I ever read.

I spotted it on the bookshelf of one of my first mentors, Nigel Stockill. He's a sharp guy and has always offered me great advice when needed.      

The E Myth

Another one of my mentors, Alwyn Cosgrove suggested I read this book when I was thinking about leaving the English Institute of Sport to go it alone. 

It's a fantastic book and I reckon this is a book that's had a major influence on Alwyn's business model. Well worth a read

Under The Bar

I bought this book for one of my S&C coaches (I have a Christmas tradition of buying books for my S&C coaches - not very rock and roll but it's all about development!)

I took a sneak peak before wrapping it and purchased a copy for myself. Dave Tate brings together his experiences and offers some real pearls of wisdom. If you want to be successful then this is the book for you. 

One of Dave's rules on education and books is "Don't Loan It!" 

I must have missed that bit!