Olympic Lifting For Athletes

Last week I was asked to review a new training DVD. I get asked to do this on a regular basis and to be honest there are very few products that make it past my filter. I sat down today to watch this DVD expecting it to be average at best. I was wrong! Complete Olympic Lifting does a great job at running through the fundamentals of the Olympic lifts and is well worth checking out. For the Brits reading this, don't switch the DVD off during the introduction! They're American and they're not as reserved as us guys. Stick with it, there are some great coaching points to pick up.

If you are reading this and wondering why you need to learn more about Olympic lifting then read on.

The Olympic Lifts are a staple of any modern strength training program.  And, no doubt, you're well aware of the many ways these movements directly improve competitive performance.

The problem isn't deciding whether or not to incorporate these lifts into your program. It's getting your athletes to properly execute them.

How many times have you stood in the weight room watching your athletes attempt to perform a clean or a snatch, from the floor or hang position, and been overwhelmed by the number of mistakes they're making?

No triple extension. Looping bar path. Pulling with the arms. Catching with the elbows pointed down. Reverse curling the bar instead of keeping the 'elbows away from the bar' during the pull. Finishing in a wider stance than they started.

If you know what it should look like, but your current set of cues and progressions isn't quite getting them in the right position, then you've got to check out this new DVD from Wil Fleming called Complete Olympic Lifting.

Complete Olympic Lifting takes you through the process of assessing, teaching and fixing the Olympic Lifts (and their variations) in a simple, straight forward way you can begin implementing immediately.

No technical jargon. No fluff. No scientific text.

The All New Complete Olympic Lifting gets right to the point:

Progressions and regressions guaranteed to clean up all of the technical issues preventing your athletes from getting the full results of these important lifts.

I've seen a lot of education resources. This is the one you will go back to time and time again when you want to teach (or reteach) the Olympic Lifts to your athletes.