Prostate United - 5km Every Day

Since 2018, hundreds of football club staff have come together as Prostate United - a daily fitness challenge that has raised hundreds of thousands of pounds for Prostate Cancer UK to help beat the most common cancer in men. 

From Manchester United to Morecambe and Nottingham Forest to the mighty Newcastle United, clubs from across the UK football pyramid have hit the road - either on foot or on a bike - racking up the miles to raise money to beat a disease killing one man every 45 minutes; a dad, uncle, brother or best mate every half of a football match. 

This year, Prostate United promises to be bigger and better than before and for the first time I've got involved along with a bunch of staff from Newcastle United. 

We've joined a fundraising squad of staff from over 60 clubs, including a host of first-team managers and coaches who have also laced up their running shoes or jumped on a bike to take on the challenge.

I'm running (sometimes very slowly!) 5km a day. It's not as easy as it sounds, if you can spare a couple of quid, head over to my fundraising page.