Psychological First Aid

Here's a snippet from todays For The Win Newsletter...I handed the reigns over to Jo Gibson, a fantastic physiotherapist who specialises in all things shoulders.

I first met Jo back in 2009 at Wrightington Sports Shoulder Conference. During the past 12 years, we've bumped into each other at conferences, attended each other's workshops, and even shared a slightly awkward Valentine evening together! Finally, after a decade of talking about it, we collaborated on a shoulder course.

I love working with Jo and always sit at the back of the room making pages of notes when she's at the front delivering. I leave a day working with Jo feeling smarter which is why she was a natural choice to contribute to the newsletter. 

Today Jo shares quotes and insights to things that really matter in her practice (from the NHS to higher performance sport) and things we can all learn from.

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During Covid I was redeployed to work in the psychological first aid service for NHS staff working on the frontline. We essentially provided a safe space where people could unload and get support after a stressful day, and where necessary signpost other resources.

The World Health Organisation has conducted research after major disasters and pandemics and shown that access to these safe spaces reduces the incidence of post traumatic stress and mental health issues.

Observing the impact of Covid on members of my team (in the NHS) and my patients (both in sport and the NHS) is a timely reminder that we all have mental health that needs looking after.

We really need to move away from the concept that mental health is something other people have and that we only need to think about when it goes wrong.

"It's okay to not be okay" has become a synonymous with the covid pandemic and reminds us to check in on our family, friends, patients and athletes but also to look after ourselves.

Source: Dr Emma Hepburn - A Toolkit for Modern Life

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