Resolutions My Arse

Just a very quick message! I've been getting a ton of e-mails, messages, tweets, facebook messages etc from 'experts' telling me how to get in shape, what diet I need to follow, how to train more effectively etc etc etc etc. Everyone wants to tell you how to get a grip of your life and make a difference in 2011. 

Whilst there's some good advice out there, a lot of it is just a whole pile of horse shit! 

The one thing that I've come to realise this year is that there's no real secret. The key to being successful is pretty simple really and it doesn't matter if you want to get in shape, run a marathon, write a book or earn a million. You just need to be consistent with your efforts. There's a reason why people are great at what they do, why athletes win Olympic medals,  they work hard at it, consistently

Forget the fancy stuff, the bells and whistles and fads. Do the simple things consistently. If you want to get in great shape, train hard and stop eating crap, but do it consistently. 

If you want to write a book, write a 200 words a day, every day. Pretty soon you'll have a book written! 

There's a lot of stuff and nonsense in this industry. Don't get sucked into it. Do the basics well, consistently over time and make sure that whatever you are doing moves you or your athletes closer to your goal. 

I think the reason I'm having this little rant is because I'm reading The Talent Code at the moment and I think the message underpinning the book resonates with me at this particular time of year because this is when people want to make changes to their lives. 

To be great at something requires deep practice. You've got to work at it consistently over time. That's pretty much it in my book. Consistent effort toward your chosen goal is what counts. 

Anyway, I'm off to sit on a vibration platform for 10 minutes, eating a bowl of Special K whilst imagining I have one million pounds in my bank account and chanting "I am fabulous"!!!!